Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO) of United Kingdom is a non profit organisation established on the 22nd November 2004 and is an establishment that focuses on uniting the Tamil youths across the UK and to help promote & understand our unique language, history, culture and identity.

TYO aims to enrich the knowledge of Tamil youths with our ethnic background and to provide a better understanding of both political and humanitarian issues that affect our home land. Through this we aim to make them better identify themselves amongst the multicultural society of the UK.

TYO passionately feels that Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, and wish to empower and recognise the voice of the youth, promoting understanding and acceptance between our community and others worldwide. Our motivation lies in the belief that through encouraging unity, the Tamil language and identity will be preserved for us and for the future youths in the UK.

TYO provides a place for likeminded youths to convene and focus on identifying themselves with our unique roots. We are determined to provide a better life for our fellow compatriots and to enhance the integrity of the Tamil nation.

As British Tamils, we feel a sense of responsibility to our country and our people. Our organisation will also promote community projects for the benefit of the British community as we are both proud to be Tamil and British.

Through our projects and events we aim to help the most disadvantaged communities both locally in UK, as well as overseas in North & East of Sri Lanka, and emphasise the need to contribute back to the wider community. TYO events aim to instil a sense of pride and responsibility with the hope of creating good citizens out of our youth.

We believe in that peace can exist in perfect harmony with both justice and freedom. The Tamils of the North & East have suffered numerous hardships over the period of the 30 year conflict, including severe economic blockages and the mass exodus of approximately 100,000 people in 1995. By raising awareness of the plight of the Tamils, and understanding their struggle against human rights abuses, a lack of basic human security in particular areas and the depleted social and economic infrastructure in the North & East, we believe that the world can see that Tamils in the North & East of Sri Lanka long for lasting peace, justice and freedom. Our projects will also aim to promote economic and social development for the Tamil people living in North & East of Sri Lanka.

If you would like to find out more or for enquiries about becoming a member please contact us.